What is iBank ?

iBank is an online banking service that allows customers to manage their accounts on the internet. iBank service is provided by Banco Trasatlantico Ltd. Banco Trasatlantico Ltd provides online internet banking services to customers who have signed up for their current accounts. It is a complementary service included in every account package. This means that customers don’t have to pay a cent for using the online banking services. The iBank online banking service is provided for free of charge to all customers who have accounts at Banco Trasatlantico. Customers can enjoy all the benefits of private banking at their own homes.

iBank offers a wide range of electronic banking services. To access the banking services in iBank, customers simply need to login to their accounts. As long as the customer has internet and a personal computer, he can take advantage of the online banking services. Customers will be able to manage their personal and corporate accounts via the online banking service. Customers can send funds to virtually any bank account in the world. Customers can deposit funds into their banking account. Customers can make deposits of the earnings they obtain from their salary and retirement funds. Self-employed customers can also deposit the earnings from their business into the current account easily. It is also possible to exchange currency via the online banking service. All the accounts support multiple currencies. Foreign currencies are exchanged at fixed rates so you will not face any fluctuation risk.

Besides, customers can communicate their needs to the bank personnel through a secure banking system. iBank is protected by a secure encryption system. It uses the secure socket layer (SSL) encryption system with a minimum of 128 bit and a maximum of 256 it encryptions to protect customers’ information. iBank offers three security levels for the internet banking services so the customers funds will always be protected. The online banking system is accessible by customer for 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. Customers who want to confirm a banking transaction must login to the iBank account with their passwords and security cards.

With the online internet banking service, customers can gain access to their accounts at any time. Customers can use the online banking service to finance their debit card or credit card. The current account can be converted into a joint account by adding one more name. It is very simple to open a current account with Banco Transatlantico. First of all, customers must complete an application form. After that, the application form must be forwarded to the bank office via email. It takes approximately 3 business days for the bank to process the application.

After the account is set up, the staff will send an email to the customer. After the important documents have been sent via courier, customers will receive the Account Package. In the Account Package, customers will find three different security tools including username, password and security card. These three security tools are necessary for gaining access into the online banking account. Once the customer login to the online banking account, he will be able to process all the transactions that take place on the internet.